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Charcroft Electronics Ltd.

Audio Avionics Industrial Instrumentation Medical
Military Oil and Gas Rail Space Transport


Charcroft Electronics Ltd is a specialist, CECC/BS approved distributor of passive, interconnect, power, magnetics, optoelectronics & electromechanical components. We are also a CECC approved manufacturer of commercial and CECC released passive components. BS EN ISO9001:2015, IECQ-CECC and BS 9000 registered.

  • 8150-MagnePot

    8150 Series MagnePot

    Non-contacting Multi-turn Rotary Position Sensor

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  • X7R

    KEMET High Temperature 175°C
    X7R Dielectric 16-200 VDC

    (Industrial Grade)

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  • T598

    KEMET Organic Capacitor
    (KO-CAP) T598

    High Humidity High Temperature

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  • T550/T551

    75V T550/T551 Polymer
    Hermetic Seal (PHS) Series

    Kemet T550/1

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  • XTR26021-XREL

    X-REL XTR26020
    Intelligent Gate Driver

    The XTR26020 Chipset

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  • Firadec WT83

    Firadec WT83
    developed by Exxelia Tantalum

    WT83: Exxelia Tantalum Create A Technological Breakthrough

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  • Optek OPI1268S

    OPTEK OPI1268S
    High-Voltage Optoisolator

    Carries all four of the UL, VDE, ATEX/IECex and IP65 certifications

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  • WIN-Series-Welwyn

    Water Insoluble
    Nitride (WIN) Resistors

    TT Electronics has launched its new precision Water Insoluble Nitride (WIN) resistor family.

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