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Charcroft Audio Resistors

The CAR, composed of Vishay’s Bulk Metal® Z-foil technology, with improved sound quality, provides a combination of low noise and low inductance/capacitance, making it unrivalled for applications requiring low noise and distortion-free properties. While the regular foil resistors are already widely acknowledged as the leading resistors for audio applications, the special “naked Z-foil resistor” design without case or encapsulation, adds an additional dimension for reducing signal distortion and increasing clarity in signal processing.

The SCAR also uses Vishay’s Bulk Metal® Z-foil technology and offers all the features of the leaded CAR but in a surface mount version with wrap around terminations.

Technical: Your Local BDM | Sales: Amy Gillon

Audio Resistors

  • Virtually noise-free performance: -40dB
  • Non-inductive & non-capacitive
  • Ultra-stable TCR: ±0.2ppm/°C from -55° to +125°C
  • Trimming to any value within resistance range
  • Tolerance down to 0.005%
  • Unencapsulated radial (CAR series)
  • Surface-mount (SCAR series)

Case Study: Switched (Stepped) Attenuator Passive Volume Control


Recently, Nick Lucas, Managing Director at Hi-Fi Collective in the UK was asked by his Australian customer Glasshouse to design and build a high performance ladder stepped attenuator for a Hi-Fi volume control. The first decision was which resistors to use? With his many years of experience with Vishay Foil Resistors and their excellent low noise, wide dynamic range and low temperature coefficient, Nick chose to use CAR resistors from Charcroft Electronics.

Product Docs

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Product Range

Type Tolerance Series Data
Charcroft Audio resistors 0.005% CAR Data Sheet (PDF)
Charcroft Audio resistors (Surface Mount) 0.01% SCAR Data Sheet (PDF)