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TAB Silver Mica Capacitors

Product Specialist: Roger Tall | Sales: Bre Reed | Buy On-line

Charcroft Audio Silver Mica Capacitors (PDF 1Mb)  |  Tab Silver Mica Capacitor Full Range Catalogue | PDF 3Mb


Charcroft Audio Silver Mica Capacitors


SBH Dipped Radial Capacitors


SB1 and SBA108 HV & HF Capacitors


Radial Moulded Silver Mica Capacitors


Radial Dipped Silver Mica Capacitor


A3M-HT & SM1-HT High Temp Capacitors

TAB Components based in Newton Abbott were acquired on 29th October 2014 by Charcroft Electronics and all manufacturing of the TAB Silver Mica capacitors has been moved to Charcroft’s premises in Mid Wales.

Allan Forsyth of TAB Components says ‘After 29 years of business, I have decided to sell the business in its entirety to Charcroft Electronics Ltd. It is not a decision that I have taken lightly and I have spent considerable time looking for a company with the capability and expertise to offer customers the same high level of personal service as TAB.

I am, therefore, very pleased to announce that Charcroft Electronics has agreed to acquire TAB Components Ltd.

The similarities between TAB and Charcroft are striking. Both companies are:

  • Small but well-established manufacturers
  • Privately-owned and independent
  • Focussed on offering a high level of quality and a personal service
  • Fully approved

Charcroft Sales Manager, Debbie Rowland says ‘The acquisition agreement means that Charcroft will fulfil all open orders which are due for delivery after 31st October. Charcroft will also support new orders for any TAB parts. I will be working closely with TAB’s Managing Director, Allan Forsyth, to provide the specialist support and personal service which characterises both Charcroft and TAB.’

Letter to joint customers from Charcroft Sales Manager Debbie Rowland

Below are the product ranges that were previously made by TAB Components and are now manufactured by Charcroft. Please contact us if you have any requirements that are not met by the standard design as we do accommodate custom made parts.