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Exxelia Magnetics was formed through the merging of Exxelia Microspire and Exxelia N’Ergy, in 2016.

Exxelia Magnetics brings together all French based activities of design and manufacture of high-end electromagnetic components.

Magnetics specializes in the design, marketing and production in small quantities of high precision inductors and transformers for high-performance applications in high grade electronics. Below are just some of the products from Magnetics.

Wound Magnetics Components - High Grade Technologies - Power Magnetics

  • Common Mode Chokes
  • SMD Power High Reliability Inductors
  • Flyback Transformers
  • Current Transformers
  • Gate Drive Transformer
  • High reliability differential mode chokes
  • Push Pull Transformers


New Product TCM Series of High-Reliability Common-Mode Inductors


New Product Magnetic Components based on Adaptive CCM Technology


SMD Power High Reliability Inductors


Current Transformers


Common Mode Chokes - HCESC Series