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Charcroft is fully franchised to supply NOVACAP products for the aerospace, military, medical, telecommunications, computer, and oil exploration markets.

Novacap Brand - Features

  • Commercial & high reliability chip and radial caps up to 10kV
  • Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb) terminations
  • Detonator & Pulse energy – Exceptional discharge energy at elevated voltages, to 200°C, single & multiple firing comm. & mil. 1kV+, Bleed resistor safe discharge
  • Stacked Caps – 1812 – 7565 up to 500V
  • High temperature ranges (SMD & radials) - up to 200°C and up to 4kV
  • Dipped radials – up to 10kV
  • Medical Implant grade, High Reliability, Harsh environments, no fail types, shipped parts to MIL- PRF-123 regime, Space grade, DSCC, EN & IEC standards

Novacap Brand - Market Areas

  • Medical - Pace makers, defibrillators, pain management, hearing aids
  • Oil exploration - Seismology, detonators, high temp electronics, fracking
  • Automotive - Tyre pressure sensor, viscosity sensor, emission control, acceleration sensor
  • Military & Aerospace - power supplies, detonators, aircraft actuators, Mars Missions, Missiles, capacitor banks


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DSCC Approved Capacitor Assemblies


DSCC Approved High Voltage Capacitors


ST & SM Series Capacitor Assemblies