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TEMEX-CERAMICS: your advanced microwave component & application-specific solutions for tomorrow’s technologies.

Temex-Ceramics is a manufacturer of a wide range of RF and Microwave passive components designed for applications in most leading professional markets: Radio communication, Medical, Industrial, Military and Space industries, for which performance, reliability and cost are essential requirements. Please contact Charcroft with all your requirements.

Invar Tuning Temex

NEW PRODUCT Invar Tuning Elements with Self-Locking System

High Frequency Invar Screws-Temex

High Frequency Invar Screws

Microwave Ferrites-Temex

Microwave Ferrites

Microwave Tuning Elements-Temex

Microwave Tuning Elements


TC Air Dielectric Trimmer Capacitors for RF Applications


P100 Ultra Low ESR Multilayer RF Capacitors


HiQ Power Capacitors Selection Guide