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Press Release (Vishay Wet Tantalum CECC Certification)

    With the Vishay acquisition of the Kemet and Arcotronics wet tantalum business on September 15, 2008, there have been several questions and concerns about ongoing European or CECC certification. Here are the FACTS:

    • The Arcotronics wet tantalum facility in the UK has been closed. As of this closure by Kemet, the Arcotronics CECC certified wet tantalum styles are no longer available. The Arcotronics and Kemet wet tantalum styles were on schedule to have CECC qualification later this year in Mexico. As of the Vishay acquisition, this plan has been discontinued.
    • All current and future orders for CECC approved wet tantalum capacitors should be converted and quoted using the Vishay styles. Vishay has a full range of CECC wet tantalum products.
    • The Vishay style 769D is a non-hermetic silver cased axial leaded wet tantalum style certified to CECC 30 202-013.
    • The Vishay style CT9 is a hermetically sealed, axial leaded, silver case design certified to CECC 30 202-004.
    • The Vishay styles 735D, 735DE, and CT79 are hermetically sealed, axial leaded, tantalum case designs which are fully CECC approved. This includes certification to:
    Specification Style
    BS CECC 30 202-001 735D
    CECC 30 202-801 735D
    CECC 30 202-005 CT79
    CECC 30 302-005 735DE
    CECC 30 202-801 735DE

    The Vishay Tantalum Division is prepared to fulfill all of your customer’s needs for CECC qualified wet tantalum capacitors. Please contact Debbie Rowland (Sales & Customer Service Manager) for further information.