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Charcroft Electronics ~ Custom Design

Charcroft has a long history of working with engineers and designers to obtain the best possible solution to your component demands. This page has just a selection of manufacturers we work very closely with to get you what you want. Any specific enquiries, please use our enquiry form or contact us directly

Custom Sensing Solutions - OPTEK

Optek Logo Can’t find the right optoelectronic solution for your design? We’ll respond quickly to learn more about your application and provide you with a preliminary proposal within forty-eight hours. We have been in production within a month from initial customer contact on certain opportunities.

OPTEK is more than just a sensor component company. With ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949 certified manufacturing facility and experienced engineering team, they have been providing fully assembled and tested optoelectronic assemblies to customers for nearly 40 years.



Cambion Logo Cambion is ISO9001 approved. Catalogue products include miniature single pole sockets, PCB Pins & Interconnects, connector pins, RF coaxial connectors, solder terminals, spacers, inductors, coils etc.

Custom product manufacture is a specialty. Manufacturing processes include:

  • Turning - Over 50 automatic lathes (10 million parts per week capacity)
  • Moulding - Fully and semi-automatic injection and transfer moulding
  • Assembly - Automatic equipment for high volume production, and lower volume with manual assembly tooling and highly skilled operatives
  • Design and bespoke manufacture of transformers, inductors, chokes and coils



Magnelab LogoMagnelab is a leader in the design and manufacture of Custom Magnetics, including Inductors, Transformers and Coils. Charcroft is holding stocks of the whole SCT range, please contact us for further info.


Cap-Strate® Capacitor Substrates

Cap-Strate® Capacitor SubstratesAMC’s new line of CapStrate® products integrate large amounts of bulk capacitance into a ceramic substrate allowing elimination of large discrete capacitive components saving critical space and simplifying your assembly process.

AMC’s extensive experience in design and manufacture of large format, custom geometries allows us to develop unique and innovative solutions which successfully solve a wide variety of our customer’s design challenges.

Charcroft & AMC will work proactively with you to fully understand your requirements and recommend the best solution compatible with your application needs.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Capacitance Substrates
  • Rated Working Voltages from 50V to 500V
  • Temperature ranges: -55°C to 125°C (specials to 200°C and 250°C)
  • Compact Designs Utilizing Military Grade Ceramics
  • Custom Sizes, Voltages, and Values Available