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eUpdate November 2012

Cambion Logo Relay bases (patent registered)
Low insertion-force Tulip Clips
Cage Jacks
Spring-loaded Contact Systems

Relay bases (patent registered)

  • Cut cost & time of relay assembly
  • Custom and standard versions
  • With or without mounting ears
  • Ensure correct pitch and solder fillets
  • Suitable for high-temperature soldering process
Custom Design Request  |   Relay Bases Data Sheet (PDF)
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Cambion Relay Bases Cambion Relay Bases Cambion Relay Bases

Low insertion-force Tulip Clips

  • For mating-pin diameters of 0.38 to 2.59mm
  • Gold-plated beryllium copper contacts
  • Press-fit into a range of body styles
  • Solder bucket, crimp, PCB mount and pin versions
Custom Design Request
Cambion Tulip Clips Cambion Tulip Clips

Cage Jacks

  • For mating pin diameters of 0.41 to 2.06mm
  • Standard or custom design and materials
  • Soldered or press-fit mounting options
  • Crimp, surface-mount and stackable versions
  • Optional PTFE insulators or moulded inserts
Cage Jacks Data Sheet (PDF)  |   Request Sample  |   Custom Design Request
Cambion Cage Jacks Cambion Cage Jacks

Spring Loaded Contacts

  • Allows a small degree of contact mismatch
  • Mating face can be wiped clean before contact
  • Excellent resistance to dirt, shock and vibration
  • Suitable for data, signal and power applications
  • Available as piece parts or in custom connector assemblies
Custom Design Request
Cambion Spring Loaded Contacts Cambion Spring Loaded Contacts