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eUpdate January 2013

Higher benchmarks set for high-voltage, high-capacitance MLCCs (Patent pending)
Non-piezoelectric high-capacitance R3L surface-mount MLCCs

Syfer StackiCap™ high-voltage high-CV MLCCs

  • New benchmark for CV per unit mass
    • Capacitance up to 2.2μF (1812 case)
    • Voltage up to 2kV (2220 case)
  • Flexicap™ terminations for enhanced reliability
  • Reduce component count and assembly costs
  • GB patent No. 1210261.2 pending
  • Typical applications:
    • Power supplies
    • Power supplies
    • Lighting systems
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Data Sheet (PDF) |   Application Note (PDF)  |   Request Sample

Novacap R3L surface-mount MLCCs

  • Temperature coefficient: -2200 +500ppm/°C
  • Temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
  • Voltage range: 16Vdc to 5kVdc
  • Case sizes: 0402 to 7565
  • Capacitance range: 1.5pF to 1.8μF
  • Ageing rate: 0% per decade

Novacap R3L
Data Sheet (PDF)  |   Request Sample