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eUpdate June 2011

High-temperature applications get new passives & power devices

High-temperature, high-reliability SiC power devices

Semelab Rig image 3

Combining the unique attributes of Silicon Carbide and the advanced packaging techniques of Semelab, the SiC range offers unprecedented performance and reliability in the most extreme environments. Semelab Silicon Carbide parts are designed for use in motor drives, UPS, induction heating and SMPS, in applications such as down-hole drilling, aerospace engines and nacelles, defence and space applications. Optional screening levels and qualifications are available on the full range of parts.

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Part No. Description Voltage Current Package Max Temp. (Tj)
SML10SIC06YC Silicon Carbide Schottky rectifier 600v 10A TO257-AA 225°C
SML020DH12 Silicon Carbide Schottky rectifier 1200V 20A TO258-AA 200˚C
SML010FBDH06 Silicon Carbide power Schottky rectifier diode bridge 600V 10A TO258-D 200°C
SML100M12MSF Normally-off Silicon Carbide power JFET 1200V 24A TO258-AA 200°C
SML05SC06DLCC3 SMT Ultra-fast recovery power rectifier 600V 5A DLCC-3 175°C

MLCCs combine 150°C operation with flexible terminations

Syfer X8R MLCC chips are available in case sizes from 0805 to 2225, voltages of 25V to 200V and capacitance values from 1nF to 1.8µF with FlexiCap™ polymer terminations as standard across the whole range. Syfer was the first manufacturer to introduce flexible polymer terminations to provide superior mechanical performance and minimise the chance of cracking the capacitor structure during assembly or in harsh operating environments.

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Glueable hi-rel chip resistors rated up to 200°C

GCR  chip resistor

Compatible with most approved conductive adhesives, GCR series glueable chip resistors, from TT electronics Welwyn, are rated for operation from -55 to +200°C. They are available in resistance values from 1Ω to 10MΩ with power ratings from 0.125W in the 0805 size, up to 1W in the 2512 package. Planar and wraparound terminations are available in polymer-silver or gold with a nickel barrier. Their temperature coefficient of 100ppm/°C, or 200ppm/°C for values below 10Ω, ensures outstanding stability across the full rated temperature range. Evaluation samples, in selected resistance values, are available now, with other values available on request in 4-6 weeks.

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