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eUpdate May 2011

Smaller case sizes with new current-sense resistors

The combination of smaller 1206 and 2010 case sizes, and a metal element which withstands current surges far in excess of alternative thick film chips, allows TT electronics Welwyn ULR1S/15S current-sense resistors to be used to implement more compact and robust power circuits. Designed for use in control and battery monitoring circuits in industrial, automotive, power supply and consumer applications, these metal-strip resistors are sampling now from Charcroft.

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Direct-insertion pins for DC-DC converters

Polygon press-fit pins from Cambion Electronics and Charcroft allow direct-mounting of DC-DC converters into plated through-holes (PTH) without damage to the PCB. The pin shoulders define a seated height and optional vented shoulders eliminate voids by allowing complete solder-fill of the plated-through-hole (PTH). A range of standard or custom sizes are available with options which include gold plating for optimum reliability with lead-free processes.

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Space-saving, moulded inductors

The HM72B series of high-power, high-performance, moulded surface-mount inductors enable the design of smaller, high-performance power supplies. With inductance values of 0.10μH to 33μH, TT electronics BI Technologies’ HM72B inductors operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +130°C with a maximum temperature rise rating of 50°C. Heating currents range from 1.8Adc to 26.2Adc with saturation levels of 3.5Adc to 60Adc. The robust pressed powdered iron alloy core construction allows HM72B inductors to withstand the environmental challenges of industrial, defence, aerospace and automotive applications.

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