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eUpdate October 2011

Stacked tantalum capacitors save board space

TSM image
  • Stacks combine up to 6 standard tantalum chips
  • Custom capacitance values available
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Low ESR
  • Available with polymer or MnO2 dielectric
  • Applications: medical, military, aerospace and transport, telecomms, consumer, gaming and computing

Stacked Polymer Tantalum Capacitors (TSP series)

  • 9.4μF to 1980μF capacitance range
  • 3VDC to 35VDC voltage range
  • Surge options available

Stacked MnO2 Tantalum Capacitors (TSM series)

  • 66μF to 4080μF capacitance range
  • 4VDC to 50VDC voltage range
TSP Series Data (PDF)  |  TSM Series Data (PDF)  |  Request Sample

Replace up to three high-value capacitors with a single high-voltage polymer chip

T521 image
  • Replaces up to 3 standard tantalum chips
  • High voltage: 16Vā€“35V
  • Up to 330 μF capacitance value
  • High ripple-current capability
  • Stable temperature characteristics
  • Safe failure mode
  • Low ESR
  • 105°C -125°C rated temperature
  • Applications: Industrial & military power supplies; avionics instrumentation up to 28v; medical diagnostics, telecomms, computing.

T521 Series Data (PDF)  |  Request Sample

Non-magnetic SMT tantalum capacitors

Kemet MRI
New non-magnetic versions of proven high-reliability surface-mount tantalum capacitors are sampling now from Kemet and Charcroft. The new non-magnetic versions feature extremely low magnetic permeability, down to 1.00001μ and increase the reliability of high-resolution medical imaging equipment by minimising overheating due to magnetic losses. The non-magnetic versions are available with 100% tin (Sn) or tin/lead (SnPb) leads and are specified by adding the appropriate lead-material code to the existing KEMET part numbers. Data Sheet (PDF)  |  Request Sample

Dielectric Series Capacitance Voltage (VDC) ESR
MnO2 T491 Industrial-grade, low-profile 0.1μF - 1000μF 2.5 - 50V 0.2 - 25Ω
  T493 COTS mil-aero (CWR11 style) 0.1μF - 330μF 4 - 50V 0.1 - 4Ω
  T494 Low ESR industrial 0.1μF - 1000μF 2.5 - 50V 15 - 20Ω
  T495 Surge-robust low ESR 0.1μF - 1000μF 2.5 - 50V 50 - 1800mΩ
Polymer T520 Polymer capacitor 15μF - 68μF 16 - 35V 55 ā€“ 125mΩ
  T521 High-voltage polymer 22μF - 330μF 16 - 35V 25 - 125mΩ

MnO2 tantalum capacitor chips (T489)

T489 image
  • DC leakage at 0.0075CV (μA)
  • Improved reliability: 0.50%/1000hrs @ 85°C, rated voltage
  • 0.1μF to 470ΜF capacitance range
  • 6.3VDC to 50VDC voltage range
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Automotive grade product available
  • Industrial and automotive wireless sensor applications

T489 Series Data (PDF)  |  Request Sample