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Obsolescence - Obsolete and Hard To Find Electronic Components

Specialists in sourcing alternatives for obsolete passives

  • Extensive library of legacy databooks to identify obsolete product specifications
  • Passives datasheets and catalogues
  • Legacy NATO, BS/CECC approval numbers
  • Cross-referencing of internal OEM part numbers through almost 40 years of historical order records
  • Internal technical sales desk sources alternatives from product descriptions or part numbers
  • 40 years of specialist experience in sourcing passives

Obsolescence Management Charcroft is an active member of COG; Components Obsolescence Group, now renamed to (International Institute of Obsolescence Management). Our Sales Manager is a contributing member on one of the Committees of this organisation and is fully conversant with all aspects of Obsolescence Management. We can recommend alternatives to passives which are already obsolete and undertake Parts List Audits to reduce the risk of future obsolescence in new designs.

Sourcing Alternatives Charcroft can source alternatives to passives from a part number, product description, NATO stock number or release specification. Typically, most obsolete passives can be replaced by a number of direct equivalents manufactured under different part numbers or mil-spec/BS/CECC numbers.  Example

Parts List Audits Regular audits of parts lists can identify obsolete and obsolescent passives, providing time to plan a mitigation strategy. A typical audit can identify up to 5% of passives which are obsolete, or at risk of obsolescence. Contact Charcroft’s obsolescence team on for more information on parts list auditing or for alternatives to obsolete passives.

Company Acquisitions Company acquisitions can also mean that apparently obsolete passives are available under a new manufacturer name. Charcroft can help, contact us here

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