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RoHS Compliance

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In addition to Pb-Free versions, Charcroft will continue to offer Pb-inclusive versions for RoHS-exempt customers where available.

Charcroft RoHS Compliance Statement

RoHS information by Manufacturer

AMC (Advanced Monolythic Ceramics) Please Contact Us
Arcotronics (Kemet) Kemet Website (External)
American Technical Ceramics RoHS (PDF)
Barker Microfarad Barker Microfarad Website (External)
Cambion Cambion Website (External)
CDE (Cornell Dubilier) RoHS (Excel Spreadsheet)
Charcroft Electronics Ltd Charcroft RoHS Compliance Statement
Comair Rotron Please Contact Us
Dubilier Please Contact Us
Eurofarad Please Contact Us
Firadec RoHS Statement (PDF)
Harwin Please Contact Us
ICW Please Contact Us
Johanson Dielectrics Johanson Website (External)
Kemet Kemet Website (External)
Klixon (Sensata) Klixon Website (External)
Magnelab Please Contact Us
Manutech Please Contact Us
MPE Please Contact Us
Phoenix Contact Phoenix Contact Website (External)
Sensata Sensata Website (External)
Sic-Safco Sic-Safco Website (External)
Sonitron Sonitron Website (External)
Syfer Syfer Website (External)
Temex RoHS Statment (PDF)
Vishay Vishay Website (External)
Vishay Foil Vishay Foil Website (External)
Vitelec Please Contact Us
TT Electronics BI Technologies RoHS (PDF)
TT Electronics IRC Wire & Film RoHS Compliance (PDF) | RoHS Compliance by Product (PDF)
TT electronics Semelab Semelab Website (External)
TT electronics Welwyn Components Welwyn Website (External)