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Quality Policy

Charcroft Electronics Quality Policy serves several purposes

  • 1. It aims to help the company meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers, suppliers and employees alike.
  • 2. To provide an overriding framework that guides the company during both day to day operations and strategic longer term decision making.
  • 3. Support each individual facet of the company as it strives to operate with the achievement of quality outcomes as a principle requirement.
  • 4. Provides a framework for the specific Quality Objectives.

Charcroft has developed and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that conforms to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 so that we can provide, sustain and constantly improve the quality of all work we undertake.

All staff at Charcroft are charged with promoting the aim of sustaining and improving the quality of work we undertake and are required to familiarise themselves with the Charcroft QMS. To support them in this Charcroft will support them according to their individual needs for training and development.

The Quality Manager based at Charcroft is Ian Ford and he acts as the appointed management representative, responsible for monitoring and ensuring the correct and effective implementation of Charcroft QMS as a whole. He has full authority to implement and enforce the required procedural disciplines necessary to ensure compliance to the QMS requirements. He will also report to the Directors on the performance of the Charcroft QMS and any need for improvement. Any enquiries from external parties on matters relating to the Charcroft QMS may also be handled by him.

In making the above policy statement Charcroft acknowledges that training and understanding are essential requirements and have therefore adopted formal procedures for training which will ensure that it is carried out.

The key attributes of the policy are:

  • 1. A recognition that the Quality Management System is dynamic and part of its role is one of continual improvement
  • 2. An ability to widely demonstrate an excellent knowledge of the products we manufacture and sell, the market we serve and the context in which those products are typically used
  • 3. That the company will strive to exceed quality driven requirements laid out by external third part organisations parties to which the company subscribes
  • 4. Integrity and dedication in all that we do
  • 5. Mutual respect between employees and absolute respect towards customers, suppliers and other external parties
  • 6. An approach to each and every task that promotes a ‘can do’ determination to excel
  • 7. Promote and sustain a culture of understanding within the company of the Quality Management System and its role in delivering on the needs and expectations of our principal partners
  • 8. An atmosphere that encourages individuals, whether internal or external, to bring weaknesses to the attention of senior managers so that improvements can be developed and introduced
  • 9. An environment of continual training as one of the tools to aid the company in achieving its strategic goals
  • 10. That the in-house developed ERP system, Omnis, will be used as both a transactional tool through which the day to day business of the company is transacted as well as a management tool to monitor, report upon and alert users and managers alike of issues that need addressing

Paul Newman
Managing Director