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"Any Quantity" Tape and Reel

All the products shown on this page are available on "Any-Quantity" tape and reels or bandoliers with no minimum order quantity. Precision Express surface mount resistors can be supplied on 7" reels complete with leader and feeder tapes and radial resistors and multilayer capacitors can be supplied on paper bandoliers on any reel size up to 12".

Tape and Reel Diagram

Surface Mount Chip Resistors & Voltage Dividers (Tape & Reel)

Precision Resistors Reel Size Description
VSM series 178mm / 7" Surface mount resistors
VSMP series 178mm / 7" Z Foil surface mount resistors
SMR_D series 178mm / 7" Molded surface mount resistors

Tape and reel packing of surface mounting chip passives for automatic placement are in accordance with IEC60286-3

Radial Resistors,Voltage Dividers & Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Bandoliers)

Product Code Lead Style Moulded Diagram
VK20/CK05 Formed 5.08 crs
VK30/CK06 Straight 5.08 crs
VK21 Straight 2.54 crs
S102C & K Straight 3.81 crs
S102J & L Straight 5.08 crs
RS92NA Straight 3.81 crs
RS92N Straight 5.08 crs
AN Straight 5.08 crs
4812 CX Straight 3.81 crs
E102J Straight 5.08 crs
300144 Straight 2.54² crs
Z201 Straight 3.81 crs
Z201L Straight 5.08 crs

Peel Force

The peel force of the top sealing tape is between 0.2 and 1.0 Newton at 180°. The breaking force of the carrier and sealing tape in the direction of unreeling is greater than 10 Newtons.
Dimensions Diagram
Molded radial leaded types with 2.54, 3.81 and 5.08mm lead spacing can be supplied bandoliered on reels up to 12"