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Charcroft Manufacturing

Charcroft Electronics is a privately-owned specialist manufacturer of leaded and surface-mount Bulk Metal® Foil Vishay-approved precision resistors and BS/CECC-approved radial multilayer ceramic capacitors. To complement these ranges, we also manufacture Audio Resistors composed of Vishay’s Bulk Metal® Z-foil technology and Custom Passive Assemblies as well as Audio Capacitors using Ceramic & Silver Mica technologies.

Charcroft offers an express manufacturing service, Precision Express, together with an in-house taping and reeling facility for prototype and pre-production quantities.

Manufacturing Sections

Charcroft Audio Resistors
Charcroft Silver Mica Capacitors
Commercial, BS & CECC Cased Radial MLCCs
Custom Passive Assemblies
Legacy Passives
Precision Express Leadtimes
RTD Simulator
Vishay-Approved Bulk Metal® Foil Resistors

Services Offered

Custom Passive Assemblies

  • 5-15 day leadtime for prototypes
  • Custom footprints & lead-pitches
  • Protection against harsh conditions
  • Capacitor/resistor assemblies with optional flying leads
  • Matching to electrical, mechanical & environmental parameters

RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Simulator


Charcroft announces a new product manufactured here in Wales at Charcroft’s Manufacturing facility.

Calibrate all your RTD inputs.

The new Foil RTD Simulators can simulate RTD’s in all types of instruments, such as transmitters, controllers and data acquisition, process control, lab equipment etc. Connect an RTD Simulator and instantly read the temperature printed on each simulator.

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