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Vishay Precision Group Approved Bulk Metal® Foil Resistors

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Bulk Metal® Foil Resistors manufactured by Charcroft. COTS and CECC-release precision resistors are available with optional Precision Express delivery of 5 to 15 days.

All Precision Express products can be mounted on "Any-Quantity" tape-and-reels or bandoliers

Type Tolerance Series Data Sheets
Z Foil radial resistors 0.005% Z Series Data Sheet (PDF 1Mb)
Foil surface mount resistors 0.01% VSM Data Sheet (PDF 1Mb)
Z Foil surface mount resistors 0.01% VSMP Data Sheet (PDF 1Mb)
High-performance radial resistors
0.005% S series Data Sheet (PDF 1Mb)
CECC qualified radial resistors 0.01% RS92 series Data Sheet (PDF 1Mb)
Foil industrial radial resistors 0.01% VSR series Data Sheet (PDF 1Mb)

VFR - Undetectable ESD Damage (Demo)


Welwyn 4800 series manufactured by Charcroft Electronics Ltd. Data Sheet (PDF 1Mb)

Specialist Bulk Metal® Foil resistors with 7-15 day Precision Express® Delivery

Bulk Metal®

Description Tightest Tolerance Charcroft Prefix / Part No Vishay Series CECC
Surface-mount 0.01% CE- VSM0805  
  0.01% CE- VSM1206  
  0.01% CE- VSM1506  
  0.01% CE- VSM2010  
  0.01% CE- VSM2512  
High-performance Radial 0.005% CE- S102  
CECC- release Radial 0.01% RS92N/NA RS92N/NA CECC40302-001
  0.01% AN AN CECC40302-004
Industrial radial 0.01% CE- VSR  
  0.01% CE- VSRJ  

Z Foil Resistors

Description Tightest Tolerence Charcroft Prefix / Part No Vishay Series
Z Foil surface-mount 0.01% CE- VSMP0805
  0.01% CE- VSMP1206
  0.01% CE- VSMP1506
  0.01% CE- VSMP2010
  0.01% CE- VSMP2512
Z Foil radial 0.005% CE- Z201/L