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Kemet: Aluminium Electrolytic & Polymer

Kemet - Aluminium Electrolytic & Polymer

KEMET's complete line of aluminium electrolytic capacitors are designed for use in all types of electronic equipment including power and alternative energy, industrial, telecommunications, automotive, military, medical and consumer electronics applications.

In addition to those products shown in the datasheets, Kemet can optimize the construction to offer application-specific balance between required life, temperature, ripple current, physical size, and cost. Motor start capacitors are also offered.

ALS70/ALS80 High Capacitance 85°C Screw Terminal

New Product ALS70/ALS80 High Capacitance 85°C Screw Terminal


Screw Terminals - Aluminium Electrolytic


Snap-In - Aluminium Electrolytic


Axial Leads & Radial Crown - Aluminium Electrolytic


SMD & Single-Ended - Aluminium Electrolytic


Motor Start - Aluminium Electrolytic


New PEG130 105°C Series

ALS60-ALS61 Kemet

Featured Screw Terminal Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors


ALN20S - The Ultimate Audio Capacitor

A700 Series Polymer Aluminum-Kemet

Polymer A700 Series