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Kemet: Film & Paper

AC Line EMI Capacitors (X & Y Capacitors) & RC Networks

KEMET offers a series for every voltage with worldwide safety agency approvals. Four different dielectrics are offered with radial leads, as well as a surface mount Y capacitor.

AC Series Power Supply Capacitors

Capacitors used in series with the AC line have special requirements, especially if used outdoors. A variety of models are offered to satisfy every need.

SMD & DIL (Dual In-Line) Capacitors

A broad range of surface mount capacitors including:

  • Unencapsulated chips
  • Unencapsulated windings
  • Encapsulated construction for superior environmental protection

The Dual In-Line film capacitors are available in both surface mount and through-hole versions.

General Purpose to 150°C

Self-healing metallized film for excellent performance and safety. Low ESR/ESL models for input and output filtering of high frequency SMPS. A series in PPS film offers C0G-like stability with a much broader range, plus a maximum operating temperature of 150°C.

Polypropylene Pulse & AC

For pulse, high frequency AC and audio applications. Excellent frequency response, stability and very low dielectric absorption also make polypropylene an excellent choice for timing, filtering, integrator and sample and hold applications.

  • Single metallized
  • Double metallized
  • Film/foil
Power & AC Film Capacitors

KEMET offers a wide product range for IGBT and other snubbing, DC link and filtering, AC filtering, power factor correction and motor run applications. Models are available in plastic boxes, plastic cans and aluminum cans. KEMET also offers customized DC link capacitors for hybrid and electric vehicles, alternative energy, power generation and industrial applications.

High Voltage RC Transient Suppression

Excellent for transient suppression (snubbing) of motors, switches, and relays either on the AC line or high voltage DC. An X2 safety agency rated series is available, as well as long, flexible leads on some models.

Low Voltage EMI / Transient Suppression

Excellent for suppression of EMI or transients on motors or other low voltage devices. Contains a film capacitor and one of the following in one compact radial device:

  • Suppression diodes
  • Varistor
  • Low ESL ceramic capacitor for excellent frequency response across the spectrum