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Kemet: RF and Microwave Ceramics

Kemet - RF & Microwave Ceramics

KEMET's HiQ-CBR series, high frequency, high performance portfolio of RF and Microwave Capacitors in C0G dielectric feature a robust and exceptionally stable base metal electrode system that provides excellent low loss performance (high Q). These devices offer extremely low ESR and high self-resonance characteristics, and are well-suited for resonant circuit applications or those where Q and stability of capacitance are required.


  • Wireless & cellular base stations
  • Wireless LAN & broadcast equipment
  • Subscriber-based wireless services
  • Satellite communications
  • RF & power amplifier modules
  • Medical electronics

Features & Benefits

  • C0G dielectric
  • Ultra-high Q
  • BME copper electrode system
  • PB-Free & RoHS compliant
  • Low ESR
  • High thermal stability
Kemet RC and Microwave


Ultra HiQ-CBR ​Squared Series


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