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High Tech and Safety - Applications for MTM Power® Products

MTM Power

Their high safety and quality specifications make MTM Power modules ideal for:

  • Railway Applications
  • E-mobility
  • Transport
  • Special Vehicles
  • Wind Energy
  • The Telecom Industry
  • Power Plants
  • The Chemical Industry
  • Industrial Robots
  • Programmable Logic Controls
  • Safety-conscious Areas (e.g. Petrochemical Drilling Platforms)

MTM Power & Charcroft – your go-to place for Power Products. With specialist product support to assist you in your new design or replacement alternative. Below are just some of the products we offer.


New Product PMD5UD 6kV Industrial DC/DC Converter with 6 kV Isolation Voltage


New Product Info Press Release / 300 W For Medical Applications


New Product AC/DC Switching Power Supply Series PCMAT150 with BPC-Technology

IP67-AC/DC-Modules MTM Power

Featured Product IP67-AC/DC-Modules


New Product 19" Plug-In Unit with 150 W for Railway Applications


Press Release - Series PCMDS80 as Base Plate or Head Sink Version

PCMDS150 WK IP65 MTM-Power


URC Series MTM Power

URC Series

AC/DC-Modules MTM Power


DC/DC-Converters MTM Power


Transportation MTM Power


Standards and Certifications

Of course, MTM Power® products meet all relevant standards and fulfil VDE/EN regulations if applicable. Large-scale testing and examination, including burn-ins, guarantee the MTM Power quality and reliability.

  • UL 60 950-1
  • CSA Power Supply Level 3
  • Low-Voltage Directive
  • EMI/RFI Directive
  • EN 60 950-1
  • EN 61 000-4-2 [ESD]
  • EN 61 000-4-3 [HF-Feld]
  • EN 61 000-4-4 [Burst]
  • EN 61 000-4-5 [Surge]
  • EN 55 011/B [Gruppe1]
  • EN 60 601-1-1-BF
  • EN 61 000-3-2
  • ISO 9001:2008